Okay, guys, I REALLY need you to rip this apart - Tsugai Kogarashi


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    Okay, guys, I REALLY need you to rip this apart - Tsugai Kogarashi

    Post by suthethird on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:57 pm

    Yeah, yeah, this is my third thread about this.
    But it's a totally different topic and I really need help because I want this to be the best LOKE and Anaka cover ever but I think Osamu's drunkness somehow rubbed off on me, so I couldn't even hear if it was on synch. I need you guys to listen to this and tell me exactly what's wrong, how to fix it, yadayadayada...

    (Yeah, yeah, It's low quality. I'll fix it when I actually know it's on synch.)

    Things I refuse to fix:
    *Lack of reverb. I hate using reverb.
    *The few English Rs. One, LOKE's Rs sound move like English Rs than Ls anyway. Two, the L files for the Rs I left in were completely messed up, and my throat is too screwed up to replicate Anaka's voice for the triphones to rerecord. So, if you say anything about me being a totally white weeaboo, I'll skdfjoisojdfoijsdifjjjgfffff.

    Everything else? Fair game.
    Well, except for stuff that won't help.
    That really, really won't help.

    UST by Sango, plzkthnx

    And as I said, TEAR.
    I want walls of text telling me all my failures and how to fix them.

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    Re: Okay, guys, I REALLY need you to rip this apart - Tsugai Kogarashi

    Post by Crossfrown on Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:37 am

    Anaka's kind of quiet and overpowered by LOKE. They're both perfectly audible and lay in the karaoke neatly, though.

    >using Ls
    ...wait what. How is that ever a good idea. D:

    The Rs aren't severe enough to point out, so all around good job. :U

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