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    Sorry Guys, But... Empty Sorry Guys, But...

    Post by Guest on Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:07 pm

    I may leave UTAU. Keyword is MAY.

    I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but I hadn't been in a decent mood for at the least a week.
    I know I shouldn't be talking, as there's people worse off than I, but I really just need some time.

    I've been less and less confident about Luna's voice lately. She's sounds very scratchy and displeasing to me, and I just think I should give up on her. If I cant make her at least sound decent in the 8 months i've worked on her, why should I continue? Obviously i've done something wrong and I can't seem to fix it.

    So as of now, until further notice or until I get an ounce of self-esteem, all my UTAU are abandoned.

    Nonamed Shota UTAU who never even had a chance

    Thank you for reading. no one even comment on this.

    i'll still be on OSUF every so often, but yeah...

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    Post by Guest on Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:59 pm

    I just had a pretty good talk with my dad.
    I know that was very quick, but you guys dont know how much I love my dad. Honest to god.
    I'm feeling a bit better, and I realise what I said is rash.

    You just may see me using UTAU again, but if I dont, I will keep Luna as an OC. She is dear to me, and I really dont want to let her go.

    I just thougt things over whilst talking to my dad and realized what I said, I should not have.

    Anyways, I wont go into my problems or what was said or what happened, just know i'm a bit better.

    sorry for double post.

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    Post by suthethird on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:03 pm

    Dude, Luna isn't your natural voice. You know my stance on natural voices.
    Furthermore, there is always a way to get around improper recording equipment. You just have to sacrifice your voice type by modifying how you speak to get your microphone to pick up your voice in the best way.
    Where would I be if I had given up on Anaka when I was emoing over how Act 6 and 9 (her best ones at the time) were complete poop and no one ever used her right?
    Even furthermore, you have three UTAUs.
    If I had given attention to any UTAU other than Anaka, I wouldn't be having fun because Anaka wouldn't be the best Anaka she could be.

    I would suggest giving up on Luna, Dog-thing, and Shota and starting from square one to create the perfect UTAU to make YOU happy.
    If you think that Luna being the best UTAU ever will be the only UTAU related thing to make you happy, then go for it.

    But you have to realize:
    I'm not in this just for Anaka.
    I'm in this because I love LOKE and I want to make him sound good.
    I get a rush when I configure a bank quickly.
    Seeing other people happy because I used their UTAU makes me happy.
    UTAU is how I met Hoke-san, Osamu, Ebi-senbei, nWo, Hai, ArtemiSayuri, Chii, Kimmi... The list goes on and on.
    I love UTAU because it makes my voice sound beautiful, it introduces me to so many amazing and quirky people, and I feel like I'm good at it. It's a lame sense of validation.

    You're doing it wrong.
    I do UTAU because it makes me feel good to do a whole lot of things related to it.
    Anaka being good is just a really nice perk.

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    Post by TFOTR on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:07 pm

    That's good that you're feeling better. I was going to respond to your earlier post but then I saw this new one. Your parents can always help you out. Smile

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    Post by Guest on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:08 pm

    I understand your side completely.
    I have made tons of friends in using UTAU than I have anything else, and yeah. Having a decent UTAU just makes it all the better.
    I wouldn't want to give up on Dogelia or Luna.
    They're both very very very close to me.
    Luna is a personification of myself, with longer hair, outfits I wouldn't wear and purple eyes. The hair and eyes inspired on what I would want to have. A voice like I would like to have, the higher, less gross deep voice I have.
    Dogelia was created as an OC when I was 4. She's a part of my childhood and I would give the world for my childhood.

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    Post by suthethird on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:23 pm

    Actually, if you don't force what you want onto your UTAU, your UTAU actually will grow into something completely different and completely cool.
    Anaka started out as a self insert character in a roleplay.
    In other words, originally Anaka was me with a different name.
    (I know, the resemblance is shocking.)
    If you look at Anaka's original art and compare it to the fan art she has today, you'd probably be like "... That doesn't look much like it's the same thing.

    To be honest, I wanted Anaka to be a lesbian. I don't remember what my logic was, but I just wanted it to be that way, ya'know. But, would you ever guess that now, seeing all my "LOKExANAKA LOKExANAKA SUPPORT IT SUPPORT IT"

    I didn't force any particular voice on Anaka, I just recorded however I felt would sound best at the time, and now she has a voice that I think is, well, it's Anaka.

    When it comes to UTAU, I'm a reallyfreakinhuge fan of "We aren't in control of what happens to our UTAUs. Our UTAUs are."
    ... But, then again, Anaka has a mind of her own.
    She WILL honk at you.

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    Post by vio. on Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:09 pm


    Luna, I love you :'D Do not leave or I will die.

    /end cheesy moment.

    But seriously. I don't think you should quit UTAU. I love Luna's voice, I've told you that multiple times. I see nothing wrong with it, even her little lisp is adorable. Alot of people really like Luna, and hell, without oto.ini she was GREAT. She's understandable, one of the best banks I have. I love using lil' Luna :>! And I look forward to using the Shotaboy and Dogelia too.

    You also were one of the few people in the very beginning in UTAU I looked up to. I didn't look up to Yesi, Nami.. They're very nice people, yes, but they didn't help or encourage me back at when I was posting up my design for Karen. Half the time people were so out of patience with people asking about UTAU and the responses I'd sometimes get were really rude or, "OMG, HOW CAN YU NOT SEEZ DIZ!?!" =u= But you were always very nice. I think you wanted to inspire people to make parts of themselves too.

    Like when you explained how Luna and Dogelia are so important to you, you wanted other people to see that too, and have that.

    So please don't go ;u; stick with UTAU till the end of it~!

    Make Luna and the others the best you can. And be happy with all the people who enjoy using them and hearing them.

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    Post by Trempush on Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:19 pm

    This may sound a little weird, but:

    What is quitting? Are you just going to stop making songs, and still hang out on the forums? Are you going to decide to not be as productive as you have been? Is that really quitting? You're not telling us you're going to go away and never ever come back-- you're just thinking about changing how you're participating in UTAU, really (that's what I'm getting from this). So whatever it turns out to be, I would just take it as a change. Whatever you need to do, go do it.

    /two cents.

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    Post by Sparky on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:01 pm

    Baw, Luna :C I don't want you to leavvvvve. I'd say something long and inspiring, but unfortunately I don't have the vocabulary :V But, I love you. And I love UTAU Luna. And absence of either of these things would make me a very sad panda.

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    Post by smeen on Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:20 am

    Luna, seriously, I don't want you to quit. I really like your UTAU, no matter what others say. (NEVER LISTEN) Luna has a cute voice which I really like to use and I don't think she sounds bad at all. Yuugi doesn't sound like I wanted him to either, but I'm not quitting on him. I will keep developing him, and if things happen differently that I had planned I have peace with that. Because you can never predict what happens, with you or your characters.

    Still, it's your own decision. If you don't feel like it anymore... You should do what you think is best for you.

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