【UTAU】Oblivion Suicide【勿怪音カレン】


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    【UTAU】Oblivion Suicide【勿怪音カレン】

    Post by vio. on Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:24 am

    I'm.. just gonna drop this here.. yeah.. um. :v


    First off. THIS ART IT IS NOT REALLY MINE |D I feel like a terrible, lazy, uninspired person copying lineart and.. but.. I really wanted this song out instead of rotting on my hard drive. Also, I timed it with the song, so if it's off-time sounding.. ;A; Um? I tried? And thats how it was? xD Also, I don't think like, it's that big a deal I did it, since people do it all the time, but like.. THIS ISN'T MY THING I DO D| I do original art for stuff like xD Ughuu...

    =w= But yes i've had this song done for a couple weeks now and just now was like, Please, go onto youtubeland. Don't find this very like, nicoquality. Until I get unlazy and for whatever reason redo it later so it's not so art theify. xD Probably not happening with Ladata being like, released soon. |D YAY. Um..

    This song. Has it's credits above. Not any OSUTAU have done this song. I feel slightly original. =w= *shot for art*

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