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    Post by vio. on Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:51 am


    Should have not made this widescreen orz;

    I've been geeking over Starfox lately, if that wasn't obviously presented in this video's presence =u=;;... Heh~ And so, You have this! :'D I wanted to work with groups of UTAU that were established. And these groups popped into mind, maybe because i know of them, orz. =w= But I love these people so it's fine~

    I've used all the released POPLOIDS ~ Both the Makunes, and my Mokkene/D:LOIDs cause I can and I did and they're glorious together.

    Um, enjoy ;A;!! I'm working on a Poploid only Chrono Cross arranged version of Corneria, too. (Inputting "A" is too much work, rlly). Just cause even though Trigger does not Equal Cross, it's still the Chrono series which both Tai and Scarfu adore ;A;!!

    Oh, and I saved each thinggy myself so it's a multi-part ust. If you really want it for some reason and are lazy and hate putting in "a" as much as myself, Message me for it.

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