[UTAU] Hakuane Kiru Korean VB sample-test


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    [UTAU] Hakuane Kiru Korean VB sample-test

    Post by 루키아(Rukia) on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:48 am

    I'm in making of Korean VB, and I make a short test by K-pop,
    I think It's very hard of ending consonant TT
    It's not new song. It has been already 10 year...?

    I love Lee seung-gi!(이승기)

    so, This is meaning if you want
    You always think I am younger brother,
    no more than that, and call me cute.
    However, you are a woman to me not an older sister.
    You always say what do I know,
    I will know when I grow up, I am being childish
    But, you are a woman to me not an older sister.
    Whoever you meet, Whatever you do with someone, I just wait.
    You are my girl, you are my girl
    I will call you 'you' whatever you say
    I will hug you until you think me as a man
    I will call you 'you' I don't care whatever you say
    Don't surprise.
    Frankly speaking, you are a little girl.

    .....I think It's really odd in English means.....

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