【UTAU】Coward Montblanc【勿怪音カレン】



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    【UTAU】Coward Montblanc【勿怪音カレン】

    Post by vio. on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:16 am

    I thought she sounded good. Even though this is.. ooc ish and.. I did this for a chorus.. xD

    |D I dun have anyone who can mellow out Karen's voice really, so.. I used her for Harmony.. And.. I'm sorry if it throws it off orz'l| ;u;; Uuu.. Who's the mystery guy? Um. It's.. ;u; If you know me well or pay attention to what I ramble on about, you will know.. Even through the terrible hair depiction and.. um.. bad backishsideview? XD Roffflll umm. Yes. Credits in vidja. ;u;; Thanks for.. listening or staring. Not sure WHICH you do. ;A;

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