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    Post by Catarsis on Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:45 pm


    Okay ppl, let's talk about:


    And tell me how did you came with your UTAUloid's design, and which UTAUs you like because of theirs.

    Well, I'll start with mine, Katarina Sokkyoune.

    The first time I designed Katarina (in that moment, she didn't have a name XD) she was like the lovechild of Kaito, Luka and Gakupo, and with Yue Nagareboshi's earphones XD
    I used that design a lot, but in that time she wasn't an UTAUloid, she was just a Fan-made Vocaloid.
    (And oldutau!Kata appeared before utau!Yue, that scares me the most...circa March 2009)
    Then, I started over again and I did a Kata with shorts, using a tie as belt...kinda 'nü-rave'
    Later, I left Kata and did 2 twin UTAUloids that one was a serious, mature and cold sister, and the other one was the oppossite...but I didn't liked them so I tried with Kata again.
    I picked the design I left and then I had to choose a definitive color scheme...I wanted to use pink, but I didn't want to make it look girly.
    (Then, here's the reason why Katarina is a tough girl)
    So, I did a femenine but crazy, and a bit provocative design.

    In her NÜ release, I've changed her top (before it was a bikini top, now is a sailor-styled top for making it more retro-ish), I added bigger earphones, 2 hairclips, and she uses a personal player instead of an iPod like the original design.

    You see, that designing something isn't an easy thing if you don't get happy with it XD

    I'll talk about CN-L4 lopho's design when I finish her concept art.

    And which are my favorite designs? Well, I like all the SRSloids, specially Tsuya. I like all the POPloid's designs, too. And I like Ritsu Namine, Mon Mirine, Karen Mokkene, SELEN, Nunnorü Sasayaki's designs too ^^

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    Post by Spores on Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:56 pm

    I almost have everything kyan wears so XD

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    Post by vio. on Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:33 pm

    /cries YOU LIKE KARENNnnn ;uu; Uuu..

    Karen's design was.. Totally in the moment. Like; I drew her as "Izumi Kamine" and it was pretty much the same concept, just more random poopie xD. I was like, "I want a skirt that lifts up, and lots of ruffles. A Note Motif somewhere... Music based"

    Originally she had long straight hair and black/purple tipping. I don't remember which I planned on including xD And she had twintails. She was /way/ too moe. xD

    I got rid of the ginormous 16th note buckle on her belt with the keys hanging from it, and the piano keys on her boots. Her sleeves were longer and had more ruffles.

    I was told she was a bit overloaded so I took off the buckle and the keys on her shoes. Oh, and her dress was more long too, but still slanted up. Oh wait, my notes said purple tips orz.

    But I love the Karen I have now. Because I decided she needed a /strong/ voice and a fluffy outer appearance, despite a rude/blunt personality and her hate for pop/classic music xD

    Ladata originally started out as a astro-pink Bubblegum Retro-Space design. ouo I have that somewhere on my comp actually. But then I decided I NEED HER TO BE ULTRA MOE so I made her like that :D And Luna gave me the hair idea. ;u; And I wanted her to look like Cotton Candy so ;u;;

    I LOVE.
    THE POPLOIDS xD <-- Durhur did you not know like .__. xD
    Also, Lucky Nakaine and Hachi Makune; They're really polished looking and adorable ahgahahngnnnn.. Selen and Ritsu are just so uuguu ;u; I probably have more favorites but like /braindead forgetful

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    Post by Aline on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:16 pm

    Aline was... How to put it... A rip-off.

    Okay, she's still kinda rip-offish, but...

    I inspired her design from Corrector Yui + Vocaloid (funny thing is that she exists before Luka, but came around the time Gakupo was released)

    Her hair was going to be black, then I changed to black with purple lightings, and then, to dark purple. Her blue was going to be darked, and her teal was going to be pink, then light blue, then teal. Her shoes (that now are the only things I like completely in her design) sucked. Her headphones were so fug they were offensive.

    And she was going to be an even higher pitched Rin 8'D I was such a troll!

    Here, some old drawings:
    http://fav.me/d2akljl (It was intended to be a +, not an upside-down cross ;A; )

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    Post by MillyAqualine on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:42 pm


    I draw Sakanne to the lyceum (yess x'D)

    I wanted a Vocaloid fanmade girl with a different suit into the order to not copy other Vocaloid

    I imagined her with shorts (because I don't like shirt and dress x'D I prefer pants)

    And I dunno why, but I added orange cabochons and then, I put them on her boots (grey and tomboyish), on her etui (because I've imagined she take her micro if her headphone doesn't work) and on her headphone.

    Because I thought about some stuffs like "She wrote at murder", I saw a red bow tie and a ruby...

    After this, I imagined net sleeves ^^

    And then, her haircut... I didn't know if I draw her with odangos or with ponytails...
    Finally, I listened some boys and I draw her a short haircut

    And for the fun, I've added four orange coral ribbons n__n

    For Albine, I just recovered Shira's chara design and I adapted some stuff to make a Vocaloid effect

    Sakura Cerise ? I wanted a pink hair and cherry red eyes.

    Then, the dress. Magenta dress who reminds me a qipao (but with scalloped collar)

    I added knots and cherries x'D Then, I added another shirt above her dress, who have a sakura blossom-like form with little knots and ribbons

    Finally, I gave her ballet flats and she wears two...stuffs on her calfes x'D I was inspired by a decoration of a Colonel cocktail)

    Kei Den ? I've just thought about Kaito's and I modified it...

    Rose is like a pink version of Milly Wink

    Olive has two dresses. The one is representation of Olive Vaire, one of my fiction's characters, and the other is Olive's dress (a mermaid I've created on dollmaker before to turn her into Olive Pearl Voice, a MM fanart)

    Lavande's dress almost appeared quickly in my mind

    Kotoko is a recover of an old fanmade character I've played on a RPG, who had powers based on gemstones

    Sabine is a representation of me (but with short hair and a diffrent eye form) and she wears gold because I think orange or gold when I'm listening "Sabine" (Really, I rarely wear gold or yellow, I prefer to wear pink, blue, purple or white)

    Iris' dress suddenly ran into my head (even if I added her scarf and her barefoot sandals)

    For Victoire, I looked different models of victorian dresses (because her first life occured on this period) and because I don't like black (as red), I prefered to color her dress in deep purple

    Finally, Woyane's dress came to me...As a mix between one of Lara Croft's, Barney's in HL2 and a heroin's of fanfiction

    It's why they have those dresses ^^"

    Yume Barauta

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    Post by Yume Barauta on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:11 pm

    Let's see... Yume started out as having light pink hair, Windex blue eyes and a bright pink and white seifuku with glowing trim... Then I designed Yoshiya and realized that the color scheme HAD to be changed.
    So I gave them ash-blond hair, purple eyes and more subdued color pallets.
    But then on the UTAU critique thread, it was commented that they looked an awful lot like they were ripping off the Kagamines, so I changed their designs around. ((Yoshiya's is in the art forum. Yume's is similar, but with a skirt.))

    Hikaru came from AmuletDaiya asking for someone to design and voice a character named Hikaru who had hair that looked like Ikuto Tsukiyomi's but white. And then he happened.

    Ai is based on what I look like with a backwards baseball cap, ponytail, sunglasses and bell collar. I was randomly accessorizing myself on a school trip and my friend was like "You look like a boy. A gay boy. An uke boy."
    So I was like "...YAY UKES. *designs UTAUloid*"

    Chou was originally supposed to be a Kuroshitsuji OC named Lena Somers ((That's her human name anyway, 'cause she's a demon. You can shoot me now if you want. But this is disregarded entirely in her UTAU form.))... And then I decided spur-of-the-moment to make her an UTAU. I may still use Miss Somers but she'll probably be redesigned. Yeah... I might make her demon friends from Kuro land into UTAUs as well... There are three. Alessia, Persephone and Mattheus.
    ...I don't want to change Persephone's name though and there's already Persephone Heartless. ;u;



    Post by Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:17 pm

    Luna was based off sheet I have in my closet. |D

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    Post by Tsumanne on Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:42 pm

    All of my UTAUs' designs have barely changed at all from concept arts.

    Kii originally had full-length pants which were changed to shorts before her YT debut. Now her new design for ACT3 has her taller and more betterer.

    Fuyu had light blue hair but then I changed it to white-blue gradation (mainly because she looked almost like an idol version of one of my OCs xDD) Just last night I designed a new alternate outfit for Fuyu C: it's all prettyfuls and whatnot.

    We all know about Kitsu's redesign xDD I think that turned out for the better.

    Lilith's had a slight redesign, mainly because I just wasn't happy with the sailor fuku she wore.

    Had I gone with the original design for AU-05, Viai wouldn't be here. She wouldn't have even been called Viai.

    And Naoto.... well, yeah.

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    Post by zin on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:26 am

    I copyed kasane ted for kurisu's clothing =p

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    Post by Lenexia on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:47 am

    Well... Tuwai first started out as Rin/Len fanmade, so her old design had the pants and before that even the sleeves at the legs. And before that both she was... well... scary.
    Totally orange and stuff 8'D Only click if you don't want to burn your eyes.
    But, her current colorscheme was inspired by Kingdom Hearts 2. Mainly by Twilight Town (Therefore her name, based of Tuwairaito). Her hair was ripped off from one of my favorite persons of a German Manga. lalalal.

    Mia's colorscheme was inspired by Meltdown. She even has a Nuclear Warnsign on her belt~! *shot* The clothing itself wasn't inspired by anything though. Yay, I can be original.

    Dio is the genderbent of My Boogie OC Dia who is actually older than Tuwai, I think...

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    Post by xLei on Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:15 pm

    Vista is Vista as in a computer XD

    Originally I was going to make a an UTAU based off of my totally mary sue OMEGA KAWAII DESU NYAN OC.

    Then I said "F*ck it" and a new character with a more artistic style (she was originally based off the Spanish word "vision" and actually looked like a paintball gun went berserk and spatted poopie everywhere XD).

    Then when people associated her with the Operating System Windows Vista, I based her design off what I know most androids/cyborgs usually wear; body suits.

    But I picked my own colors for it and bam, VISTA~

    Emi's a magical girl, you take a guess XD

    Vista's Append (yes she's getting an Append) will feature a slightly more revealing body suit with lots of little cybernetic details on her.

    X.P. is being designed by me and scarfu (if she wants to continue that is) but we do know is that he has spiked hair and glasses |D

    That's it.

    @ Lenexia: "Nuclear warnsign"? Do you mean the Radiation Warning Sign? Click me



    Post by Guest on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:39 am

    Lol, Hokuro's is rather uninspired, with her outfit at least. But the rest of her design, I'm ashamed to admit, is basically just engineered moe. XD I just slapped on anything I thought would be cute - huge ahoge, shirt evocative of a girl in a man's shirt, oversized floppy sleeves. Basically, I was going for a character that is awkward in every way, but still cute.

    Not sure how I came up with Seiji.
    Chasing Fireflies

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    Post by Chasing Fireflies on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:53 am

    GLASSES, YOU SAY? owo I'm excited already~

    Hmm... well, Kazuko's design was basically the result of me being a bad artist. XD;; Her dress is kind of simple because that was the extent of my drawing abilities at the time. Her gloves and underskirt were black at first, but when I colored them, they looked more grey, and that's what kind of caught on so I went along with it. She was going to have short blue hair that was longer in the front than in the back, but that was before I decided on her outfit.

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    Post by Lenexia on Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:09 pm

    xLei wrote:@ Lenexia: "Nuclear warnsign"? Do you mean the Radiation Warning Sign? Click me

    Yeah, those, I just didn't know the English word 8D

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