[MIDI Chorus] Apotos ~Windmill Isle~ [Sonic Unleashed]


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    [MIDI Chorus] Apotos ~Windmill Isle~ [Sonic Unleashed]

    Post by LupinAKAFlashTH2 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:13 am

    Wow, someone seriously hit the dislike button off the bat. Fail. Anyway, here's the mp3- 4shared.com/audio/SEwewdIW...

    I love MIDI choruses, and I love this little town.
    I sketched a bunch of UTAU, and I needed a background, and it looked like this little town here, and when I realized it, I was like...... OMG DO WANT *makes chorus*. I now think of this little town as where most of the UTAUs live. XD
    Anyway, this is the Apotos ~Windmill Isle~ day stage theme in Sonic Unleashed. I love this song.... it's so addicting, and it can stay in your head.
    A bunch of UTAUs humming the anthem of there little town. XD


    Kenji Baionoto- Guitar Melody
    Mathieu Rosaire- Guitar Harmony
    Kenta Chikune- 2nd Guitar Melody
    Tsume Majin- 2nd Guitar Harmony
    Tony Yonne BRIGHT append- Bass Melody (Almost impossible to hear except in the beginning)
    Ron Keine- Bass Harmony (Also impossible to hear)
    Aiko Kikyuune- Main Violin (I had originally used Miko Ooka, then she failed it, then I used Tei Sukone, and I decided not to use her)
    Anaka BLYTHE- 2nd Violin Melody (Also, at a point, a the only harmonica)
    Keiti Baionoto (Unseen)- 2nd Violin Harmony
    Backing track (c) SEGA
    I do not own the original song or anything related to Sonic the Hedgehog.

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