【UTAU RELEASE!】 明日から本気出す 【Misakura HayaoACT3】


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    【UTAU RELEASE!】 明日から本気出す 【Misakura HayaoACT3】

    Post by Haloheroine on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:53 am

    Misakura Hayao ACT3 is finally released!
    Voice Bank download: 4shared.com/file/oYAmC4dc/Misakura_Hayao_ACT3.html

    He does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT come with an English Voice Bank.
    That will be released seperately as I finish it...
    And considering the huge amount of recordings that is; might take a while.

    Speaking of taking a while, his SFOT release will be uploaded TOMORROW, since my mother is on the verge of killing me at this point in time.

    I'm sorry he sounds a little iffy in the verses, but that is because it is a bit low for Hayao's CVs, it seems ^^''

    Also, wow, actual boxart this time around.
    Who knew I could draw?
    Sorry about the lack of feet, I could not be bothered.
    EDIT: Oops, forgot to say, THIS IS NOT HIS OFFICIAL OUTFIT.
    He may be drawn in whatever you see fit XD As always.

    UST: 4shared.com/file/Xr-6VF_2/_UST.html (would be nice if you credited!)
    MP3: 4shared.com/audio/VK9qk-KD/UTAU__fix_Hayao_Misakura_ACT3.html
    PSD of Boxart: 4shared.com/photo/5Vzz5lx5/HAYAO_BOXART.html

    Original by 24hr/Ecchi-P
    Romaji lyrics supplied by FloatingMist

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    Re: 【UTAU RELEASE!】 明日から本気出す 【Misakura HayaoACT3】

    Post by smeen on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:39 am

    Voicebank Link!

    Now I need to bake a cake or something xD

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