Fixing a gibberish vsq



    Fixing a gibberish vsq

    Post by Guest on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:33 pm

    So you found this vsq and it's really great and you import it into UTAU and - comes out in gibberish.

    yesi-chan made a great lyrics extractor for this purpose, but there's one problem with it: To use it, you have to copy-paste into the lyrics box, and as many of us know, a ton of question marks come up when you copy-paste.


    The materials you'll need: vsq2txt, yesi-chan's lyric extractor, and Notepad.

    So follow the instructions in the lyric extractor first. Then, import the vsq file in UTAU and save it as a ust. Close UTAU.

    Open the txt with your lyrics (the one the lyric extractor generated for you). Select all, copy.

    Then right-click the ust and go to Open with... and select Notepad.

    Find the first line that says "Lyric=(gibberish)". (DO NOT do one that says "Lyric=R".) Delete the gibberish there and paste the lyrics. Save.

    Open the ust in UTAU this time. The first note will have a hell of a ton of lyrics for one note. Open the note to edit the lyrics. Select all, copy.

    Then go to the lyrics bar at the top of UTAU and BAM! It's pasted without a ton of question marks.

    Click outside the lyrics box and select all of your notes. Click replace lyrics next to the lyrics box. Voila, you're done.

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    Re: Fixing a gibberish vsq

    Post by ThePianoChan on Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:17 pm

    oAo i love you. so hard right now.

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    Re: Fixing a gibberish vsq

    Post by smeen on Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:39 am

    That is way faster than what I've been doing! (Copy/paste from Pocaloid)

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    Re: Fixing a gibberish vsq

    Post by .amuletdream on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:59 am

    I was wondering how to fix this. Thank you so much m(_ _)m

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    Re: Fixing a gibberish vsq

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