[Chirune Kikyo] Campanella


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    [Chirune Kikyo] Campanella

    Post by Ezri on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:19 am

    (quality suuucks. D:)

    EDIT: Raw mp3 FTW. linkhurr

    YouTube description:
    Wah! Making this picture and song and video has taken up most of today. (er...most of yesterday...it's past midnight...) I was planning to release another song first, actually, but I drew the sketch for Campanella and then I just couldn't stop working until I finished the whole process... XD; (I was actually so focused that I forgot to go eat dinner...I'm starving now. OTL)

    This is what Chiru-chan sounds like with the new fresamp. 8D Nice, right? And I used UTALIS to make the hanasu part...which I'm proud of...

    But yeah, aren't those subtitles pretty? Yeah. XD Those took the most time, actually. I wanna put pretty subtitles on everything from now on adsfjlkaj.

    The SUPER GREAT UST is from ChasingFireflies...ZettaSloooow on YT.

    Should I upload to Nico? D:

    Comments and crits are loved! :'D

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