【KANBINE HAYARI】 Kodoku no Hikari/孤独のヒカリ 【甘美音流行】 +.ust download


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    【KANBINE HAYARI】 Kodoku no Hikari/孤独のヒカリ 【甘美音流行】 +.ust download

    Post by scarfu on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:41 am

    From Youtube:

    Woo okay! Pardon the halfassed cover art, by the time I got the .ust done I was like nnnnnnnnnnnnot in the mood. XD;;

    But yeah, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is like, one of my favorite animus, so I really wanted to make this ust. \*u*/ I know the timing isn't exactly perfect, but I think it's good enough. XDDD; [/so lazy OTL!!] The pitchbends should be really close to those of the original song though, so if someone wants to fix the timing problems in this ust those'll be ready for them to go. XD

    mediafire.com ?z47jihs3vc9... .ust download here
    mediafire.com download.php... MP3
    http://www.poploids.zzl.org/ Hayari's voicebank DL

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