【UTAUカバー】「Kung Alam mo lang」【SPIKE OPM】+UST



    【UTAUカバー】「Kung Alam mo lang」【SPIKE OPM】+UST

    Post by Guest on Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:31 am

    I tried to make SPIKE sing in Tagalog. I can't understand or speak Tagalog myself XD I can only speak a little bit Visaya, and understand it a bit. So yeah. I'm half Filipina :'D

    Oh well. I still think that I've made some mistakes in the UST DX But I'm not that good at hearing the good key *sadface*.

    If you also want to try out Tagalog. You can download the UST of this song here; Download zip-file

    It has some samples your UTAU might not have D': Sorry. And if you know this song, and you hear some wrong keys, then please tell me XD I want to change that :3

    Here is the video. Hope you like ^^

    (I was too lazy to draw for this song. So a picture of Spike was also good. I think.)

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