【UTAU】DEMO Songs 【Hinagiku】


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    【UTAU】DEMO Songs 【Hinagiku】

    Post by Haji_Kyone on Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:41 pm

    Youtube Description
    Uh.......I don't know what to write here |D;;
    This is Hinagiku...my...VOCA-Self? Um, kinda like that XD;
    She is almost done, just need to record her English VB *u*;b
    I...need to fix some stuff vcjbsvsc bjdgvcvg orz
    Download her BETA VB mediafire.com ?i30ps28vc52zr Ignore the...file....name :'D;;
    I couldn't draw something decent orz But this is how she looks like kvhfigh ghifhbgiohg used a game in dA, I will lurk and try to find it now ;;;
    Let's see....
    Blue Bird UST by xMienaiTsubasa
    The Snow White Princess is..UST by UTAUReni
    U~Nya~Pu UST by Sango312
    Thank you for making such awesome USTs! ;D
    Watch in 360p,btw ;u;;
    Also, if I wrote down wrong UST makers names tell me...please orz

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