The atmospherical light bubbles - Bokene, ACT2!


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    Status: Bokene ACT2 released!

    The atmospherical light bubbles - Bokene, ACT2!

    Post by dokune on Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:04 pm

    Slightly old news, but but.

    Introducing Skeyiloid (>[]<)02, Bokene ACT2!

    Sparkling bubbles of light, Bokene is a natural-echo voiced "male" UTAU who is perfect for low background voice or a sweet main voice.
    The updated ACT2 features full Romaji/Hiragana support with well configured oto.ini.
    -Skeyi requests his finished works to have a slight echo setting to them. For Audacity Echo: delay time= 0.2 / delay factor= 0.3

    Sample (feat. Kagamibi Dokumi):

    Download Bokene's ACT2:

    More information:

    Thank you, please use him well.

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