【UTAU】 Love Is War (Remix) - Cody Akaori [赤織コーディ]


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    【UTAU】 Love Is War (Remix) - Cody Akaori [赤織コーディ]

    Post by Cody-Tailor on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:25 pm

    .....just noticed that for the title it should be (club house mix) XD .......my BAD!!!! oh well you get the point. heh my art fails again XD but anyways the VSQ file for this was made by Sango312. Ugh.....yeah I dont like this vid at all....Cody doesnt sound that great and the art sucks oh well im posting this for the hell of it.

    here is Cody's Voice bank download link
    mediafire.com ?ndx5gi2mkk3

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