【NOLA SUZY】 you -HOPE- 【KANBINE HAYARI】 + .ust download


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    【NOLA SUZY】 you -HOPE- 【KANBINE HAYARI】 + .ust download

    Post by scarfu on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:24 am

    From Youtube~:

    Ughhh excuse the reallllly shitty cover art .____.;;; I had been trying to draw something all day but... orz Lately I just can't... draw. I've been kind of in a slump both in terms of art and just general personality lately, so I can't really do much... orz;

    But yeah okay, Dear You Hope! *u* Still on my quest to do all of the When They Cry usts...~ XD I was gonna include this one in a big pack like last time, but I figured I'd just release it on it's own instead. *u*

    I chose to use Nola Suzy because I ADORE her design -- and while her otos are a little choppy (I did my best to fix them, but I'm terrible at otos XD;;;) and she's a little bit hard to use, I think I did a decent job. XD I think she's a newcomer with a lot of potential. *u*

    And then Hayari is Hanyuu because I really love this song and wanted to make Hayari sing it because I'm a biased =x= XD

    mediafire.com download.php... .ust is here!

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    Re: 【NOLA SUZY】 you -HOPE- 【KANBINE HAYARI】 + .ust download

    Post by ThePianoChan on Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:49 am

    Thank you...
    So much......

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    Re: 【NOLA SUZY】 you -HOPE- 【KANBINE HAYARI】 + .ust download

    Post by Makku on Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:31 pm

    Beautiful! You did a really good job with this one.

    And hey, I like the art.

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    Re: 【NOLA SUZY】 you -HOPE- 【KANBINE HAYARI】 + .ust download

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