How did you come up with your UTAU's name?



    How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Guest on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:07 am

    ...I apologize if there is already a topic like this. Who knows. Knowing me there prolly was one and I posted in it. =w=;

    I wanted Hana's name to be transferrable to Korean, so I picked the common Korean surname Kang and took its hanja 強, then found the Japanese pronunciation Kyou. "Hana" is a common name to both Japanese and Korean, since I've seen anime characters named Hana and I personally know a Korean girl named Hana.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Keine on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:10 am

    Ohiru was actually after named after my friend's Utau whose name is basicly rice cooker in Japanese. Ohiru Hizakari, lunch at high noon. So That's how that name was created. Is lunchloid taken already?

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by ThePianoChan on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:11 am

    :U which one?
    Utake Kochiro; I really don't remember. I remember talking to my friend about names and combining names.

    Arakaki Shou

    Li Jiang - Based on the Chinese Province/city.

    Takahashi Hibiki- based on his depth of echo [high bridge echo/sound]

    Jean Dominique Simon- French UTAU french name. Period

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Stripe on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:50 am

    My online handle is Stripe, and Stripe in Japanese is Shima.
    Huzzah! : D

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by crashflashbang on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:54 am

    Shiroki's name doesn't really have to do with anything, actually. XD

    I was chatting with my friend and I asked her what I should name my UTAU. She came up with a bunch of names until she mentioned 'Shiroki Aratane'. And it just kinda stuck after that.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by zin on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:55 am

    [ya i made it but i put it in the spam spot]

    Koori = Ice, i just love cold weather and ice ^_^
    Ne= sound, just to make it sound vocaloid/utauish

    names come from the transliteration of the voicers name or nickname ^_^

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by CrazyNova on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:01 am

    I came up with my first UTAU's name because I thought it was sort of unique and sounded pretty and she sounded vibraty. (Rysora Yurene) Then Rei's name came from Rysora's nickname (Ry/Rai > Rei). That's pretty much it... And I named Nova after the name I use so much (NovaGirl111/CrazyNova) and I think "Seiun" (Nebula) sounds cool with Nova. Nova Seiun (Nebula) and Rei Yurene (Vibration-sound) are my main UTAU currently.
    Yeah, I dunno why but I wanted to share... XD I rarely post in things like this, so I feel out of place... Laughing XD

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by smeen on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:15 am

    There was one, but:

    Yuugi was named Yuugi because I really really really like Yu-Gi-Oh. The 'Hakune-part' was created by Orochi Herman.

    Nubia is Nubia because I wanted a traditional African name.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by scarfu on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:37 am

    Kanbine Hayari - sweet sound fashion
    Based mostly on her design. XDDD; She's a mannequin after all *u*

    Kamene Kasui - turtle sound spike
    Turtle sound because he's HEAVILY pitched from my voice and I also had to sing as low as possible to achieve him orz;;; And then spike reflects his whole tsundere thing because it's not like an ACTUAL spike but like a wheat spike? So it's like ~he appears tough but he's not~ yeah I'm a fruit. XDDDD

    TATARI - curse
    It's a fabulous heshe demon thing. It seemed to make sense to me. XD

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Tsumanne on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:53 am

    Ok, I'll tell of how I got Viai's name since it's one of the stranger names I've come up with. It all started in a food-themed topic on VO...

    Vanilla icecream → V-aisu → V-ai → Viai. It was all put together in my head while trying to get to sleep.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Hika421 on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:20 am

    Gaikoku= Foreign/Overseas
    Ne= The stamp of all -loids really. :B

    Hikaru, just because I always use it. Video Games/MMOs/Chats/etc.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by MillyAqualine on Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:26 am

    Sakanne = popular sound

    Albine Yawarakaine = French name which means "white" (because her model was my Mermaid Melody fancharacter Shira) and "tender, soft sound" because her model has the same sweet and shy childish voice

    Sakura Cerise Kieine = sakura blossom + a French name which means "cherry" because cherries are my favourite fruit *_* and frenzied sound (because I imagined she was overexcited xD)
    Her nickname is "Moon", a pun with my first bad translation of a French expression and a pu with one of her first hypothetics last names (Moune)

    Kei Den Yûzûon = "Lord jade tablet" x'D Because one of his sides is like a lord, and Kei because his them colour is light jade green (like his eyes)
    His last name means "versatile sound" because of his personality and his capacity to sing as in low notes as in high

    Rose Bara Shougioto = Rose x'D (my favourite flower ♥ ) pinkish-Utauloid version of my Mermaid Melody fanart Milly
    Moreover, pink is near to red, the complementary colour of green

    Olive Minamine = it came up in my head. Olive, you know what it means, and her last name is a reference about the South (of France) n__n She's a mix between a Deductivo secondary character (when she's dressed as for a banal day) and my Mermaid Melody fancharacter Olive/Olivia (when she's dressed as a singer)

    Lavande Rabendâne = it came up too without I used jisho x'D Because lavender is my 2nd favourite flower (*_*) and rabendaa = lavender, a reference to lavender colour

    Kotoko Migotone = Because I've seen loads of Utaus named "Koto" or "Kotone", I tried to add something into the order to difference her from them
    So, I thought to the Japanese singer Kotoko. And after, I took the name of an ooold RPG fancharacter named Migoto

    Sabine Sabiné = because I searched Japanese term for "rhythm" or something like that with wikipedia languages table
    I added it with "ne" .
    Her first name is the name I had in Latin class (Sabina)

    And if sometimes I put "né", it's because I thought people risk to see it as a nickname or a stage name (like "Sabine Sabine" ) and because if I put "Sabin", it looks masculine for me <.<

    Iris Nijine = in reference to Greek and Nordic mythology, with "rainbow" meaning

    Victoire (Saint-Clair/Sinclair) Sekijitsune = French name which means "victory" and I added her stage last name with the meaning of "old days sound" (because she's supposed to be a ghost from Victorian era)
    And about Saint-Clair/Sinclair, it's a name which came up to me with the two spellings

    Yaku Woyane = her last name came up after her first name x'D I searched a meaning to it, and I combined "sound of the little night"
    After, I searched meanings for Yaku...So, there's a lot of puns with her first name x'D

    In fact, her name is a parody of Haku Yowane (because she's my favourite Voyakiloid and before to fix Woyane's design, she was white-haired/silver-haired with red eyes instead of greyish/brown hair and her green eyes)

    So, one half was coming up into my mind, and the other was from Jisho's help n_n

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Trempush on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:42 am

    Trem, short for Trempush. Trempush is a name I came up with when I was 17 and I was creating an account. I completely forgot how it came about, though. I don't remember if I was mixing up letters or looking up weird names or what. But there it is.

    Travis= close to Trem, but a boy version. Pretty standard american name, too.

    Adele= of german origin. And my heritage is mostly german.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by hello8bit on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:14 am

    Ha-Neul Kim- [NEBULOID] known as the "LITTLESTAR". Haneul is the korean for sky. "Little star in the Sky", essentially. Kim is my surname.

    Yes, I am cheesy. ;3; Also, there is actually an actress by this name. Just found out about that. She's beautiful. QuQ

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Kiyone on Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:01 am

    Originally,my UTAU's name would have been Kotone Yasu or Yasui - meaning cheap since UTAU is free,etc,etc. Another surname I thought of was Subarashii if I wanted her to have a narcissistic personality.

    Changed Kotone to Kiyone since there were already two well known Kotones.

    Kiyone - Clear/Pure Sound
    Yasu - Peace

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Ameku on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:19 pm

    Well, I haven't come up with a surname yet (yes, I decided to scrap the one I had in mind, because.. I just didn't like it after all 8|;) and Sarumi actually came from my own surname. I was wondering what my last name would be like if it was all japanese-fied and it would probably be something like Saruminenu, and Sarumi just sounded nice so I went with that when I was thinking about the name 8);

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by StateOfDep on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:28 pm

    I was googling stuff and came across "Shizu".
    (Wait, no. Not quite. In that song Francium, I was googling random words and "Shizu" was one of them.)
    "Sogone" is also a result from Google.

    Aroku was AROC/ARO. Don't ask what it stood for, it was something stupid. orz;;
    (But...yeah. And then somehow Rose/Rosemary came up...I've stuck with calling her Aroku/Aro for now.)
    Senna, on the other hand, was me typing gibberish for a story. "Sennalitichaenaiel", something I have to copy+paste because I never remember it every time. (The conversation in my head: "Well, it should be Senna.""Why?""Setsuna.""That makes little to no logical sense.""Good."":/")

    GHOST was "Well, it's a joke. And it's almost Halloween."

    Abscissa and Ordinate were math terms. "There was a girl who told me she was going to have twins and name them Abscissa and Ordinate," is what our 7th grade math teacher told us. I decided to use those.
    Pianoloid/Pianone is obvious.
    orz;; (Then there are all of my OCs, not going to go into that now...><")

    Yume Barauta

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Yume Barauta on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:52 pm

    ouo;;; I didn't put much thought into naming my first couple UTAUs... I don't know, I was like "What's a Japanese name I know? YUME. What's a noun I know? BARA. *sticks uta on the end* YUME BARAUTA."
    And after I had designed Yoshiya... I started looking up names and stuff and came across the name "Yoshiya" on a list of Japanese boys' names. Momentarily forgetting that that was Joshua's JP name, I was just like "LOLOKAY."
    And then one of my friends was like "Lol your shota looks like Joshua. What's his name?"
    Me: ...Yoshiya.
    Friend: ...So it is Joshua?
    Me: Huh?
    Friend: Like, Yoshiya Kiryu.
    Me: ....xDDDD

    Hikaru was named by AmuletDaiya. o3o
    Ai was named via whatever random girly name I could think of (Ai) plus the last name Misaki after Misaki from Junjou Romantica. xD
    Chou was named after the butterfly tattoo she has on her cheek. o3o ((And the character she was based on had the last name Shutsuki so I just stuck with it.))
    Reiko is a victim of meaningful naming. xD She's a demon, but a human->demon transformee like

    Ciel at the end of Kuroshitsuji.
    Her original name was Persephone which was symbolic in and of itself because of how she became a demon in the first place, but then her Japanese name Reiko means "soul child". o3o
    And Hitsugi means coffin. ((Which has very similar kanji to Toboso, AKA the author of Kuroshitsuji. Bleh, she's a tributecharacter now isn't she? xD))
    Hikari... Yeah I dunno. Original name was Akari Yamine. Came up with new name with Blythesan. ((Replaced Akari with Hikari, and Yamine with Tsutano, which came from looking up uncommon JP surnames.))
    Cece, Cecilia, is... random. Cecilia is a name I like, shortened to Cece 99% of the time for cuteness purposes, and last name Loops comes from the fact she's similar in design to Lalaloopsy dolls. o3o
    And Majin...
    Momo-can on VO helped with naming him in Japanese. ((His English name is Mattheus Black. Japanese name Majin Kuroi. Majin means "demon man". MEANINGFUL NAMING YAY.
    And Kuroi generally means black, though it's written in kanji as 黒衣 as supposed to 黒い.))

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Aline on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:21 pm

    Enbukyoku means waltz... Aline is my name. Linny is a nickname for Aline, Allen is the male version of the name Aline, according to one of the many sources for the name Aline (actually, vice-versa).

    About Moritake, I just typed on something that appeared to be Japanese enough and ended up discovering it was the name of a famous Japanese poet from the past (and it's a freaking ancient name, WTF is with me and old Japanese names?) xD;

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot about Aline Debune (as a failure character, she's very forgettable). Well, "debu" is a harsh way to call someone fat, and "ne", as everyone knows, means sound xD;

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by A.Daiya on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:40 pm

    Mines all just either random google searching or else taken from a Baby's Naming Site o.o'


    1. Nozomi Shiroki = Dream, White Tree
    Alternate names: NS-01 Nozomi
    Eh...I kinda got hooked on the name "Nozomi" after watching the Pretty Cure 5 Series and used it on my own. As for the surname...I thought it was a nice meaning and added it in for no reason.

    2. Mana Shiroki = Love, White Tree
    Alternate names: MS-01 Mana
    Mana was found off a Baby's naming site. Surname was the same since it was my younger sister voicing + I thought it would be fun to make fun of her but making her the older of the twin. xD

    3. VK-01 Shota/Hikaru?
    I don't remember this character >_>
    I gave it to Yume Barauta cause at the time I was quitting UTAU xD'

    4. Aika Heion = Love song, calm/quiet
    At the time I saw the name wasn't taken and took it owob
    Surname originally was Shizuka but then someone suggested that Heion also meant the same meaning and so that came into.
    Nothing interesting with Aika sadly orz

    5. Shuji = common male name
    As it said...a common male name that wasn't taken and so I took it.

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by ouirichan on Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:28 am

    hmmm...well, there's not much symbolism really. XD I just thought "CHIYUKI IS SUCH A CUTE NAME" then I just made it stick. For her last name Karuine, I just made the samples and based it on the quality. So "Light sound" (for the heck of it, I searched the meaning of chiyuki XD)

    it can be read as "Bloody snow" which is Chi+Yuki or "Pure recovery" which is Chiyu+Ki XD

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by RakuenIvy on Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:03 am

    "Eri" is my name cut short, "Utaune" was because I was lame and thought of "sounds made in UTAU". I'm thinking about changing it though <_<

    Yuugure Shunka actually started out as Ayame Shika, but those names were already used a few times, so yeah <_< But I still like that name x3 Maybe I'll use it anyway for my next UTAUloid. Yuugure=Dusk and Shunka=Spring Summer. I just thought it sounded nice.

    Yoake Shunka was made as a counterpart to Yuu. Yoake=Dawn. Get it? XD

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by .amuletdream on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:13 am

    Tori popped up randomly in my head and Chang was very loosely based off the chinese word 'chang' which means to sing. =w=;; (note very loosely, which is why the character and tone is different.)
    Psycho↑ ↓

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Psycho↑ ↓ on Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:29 am

    "Kurako Ameashi" is actually her old name "Amaya" split in halves (er...meaning way xD) "Amaya" means night rain (at least on the website where i found that), and Kurako ...Kura-ko xD
    ..."ame" means rain =D
    And "ashi" was just stolen from Kori. nah jkjk xD

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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

    Post by Asteriski on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:30 pm

    "Official" Name: Aoiro Kawarine
    Aoiro just means blue, but very specifically referring to the color, unlike just plain aoi. It's also used less, and there was already an UTAU named Aoi. (I still use it for her Night-series covers...)

    Kawarine means changing sound, referencing her Doublecross capabilities which I have yet to decide how to use.

    Alias: Azure Cobalt
    Azure: one type of blue
    Cobalt: another type of blue, also a cool element


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    Re: How did you come up with your UTAU's name?

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