Lala + Run 【妻音ララ+妹音ルン】 【UTAU】Raspberry Heaven


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    Lala + Run 【妻音ララ+妹音ルン】 【UTAU】Raspberry Heaven

    Post by keitocchi on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:21 am

    I hope no one gets mad at me, am I spamming? orz;; I just want to ~show Run off~ because she's so cuteee. |D

    Teehee! I like Run. And the creator of Run likes when I *use* Run.

    and Lala is hard to work with urrghh I kinda failed, but I think it's because she's not good at pop stuff. And I got lazy tuning her part. SORRY LALA. ;_; But this is still my favourite UST thus far.

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