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    Vio's lovely little corner


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    Vio's lovely little corner Empty Vio's lovely little corner

    Post by vio. Thu May 13, 2010 5:19 pm


    ^ Some old work I've done. Just poetry because I haven't typed any of my stories up and I'm working on redoing an old story I wrote quite terribly.

    Here's a new poem:

    Do you notice, As I Do?
    Down the halls I walk,
    Alone with no one to talk to.
    It hurts when
    No one will speak to you.
    There's no one to ask me how my day went
    That actually really cares what I want to say.

    I just want to speak,
    I've got people all around me.
    I'm never heard,
    Because I'm behind them and
    I'm just not as Important.

    Do you notice, As I do?

    And a little random Sonnet I was forced to write two days ago xD

    If ever were such a beast like a Daughter,
    We'd all certainly be ate with an unimaginable haste!
    The village might possibly have no water
    and up to their knees in disgusting Waste.
    The selfish Beast would take all their money,
    She has no need but to squander their work.
    She would use words as sweet as tasty honey,
    and would eat all the men's toughly cooked pork.
    And in the End it would amount to
    Broken Cobblestone in the Meadowland.
    The villagers feel taken to feel rue,
    for all they live in could now be called sand.
    And with this the villagers learn to say
    the Golden Word we now know as "nay".

    And If I find any other good gems I'll be sure to update here, aswell as with any part of the re-written story I'm about to begin slaving over.

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    Vio's lovely little corner Empty Re: Vio's lovely little corner

    Post by fukokun Sat May 22, 2010 7:43 pm

    Great job! I love your writing, but I especially like the sonnet! I'm glad to see that there are more writers on the Utauforums! Smile

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