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    smeen's newest drabble


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    smeen's newest drabble Empty smeen's newest drabble

    Post by smeen Sun May 30, 2010 11:12 am

    Beware, very emo-ish!

    In the blistering cold
    In the busy trainstation
    empty eyes
    Don't feel the cold
    Don't hear the noise
    Staring into nothing
    Staring into your soul

    Watch him go
    Spots on his arm
    Bags under his eyes
    He sighes
    Fog fills up empty space

    Something went wrong
    But it was wanted
    Empty heart
    Don't feel the pain
    Don't know his name
    Not used today
    Not used tomorrow

    Watch him go
    Bottle in his hand
    Needle in his hand
    He takes
    His body is relieved

    Something goes wrong
    But it was planned

    In the blistering cold
    In the busy trainstation
    Lifeless eyes
    Don't feel
    Don't hear
    Desire to sleep
    Desire is fulfilled

    Inspired by Hayao!

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