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    Kimi ni Gomen Ne - Yuuta Warune + UST


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    Kimi ni Gomen Ne - Yuuta Warune + UST Empty Kimi ni Gomen Ne - Yuuta Warune + UST

    Post by xMienaiTsubasa Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:03 pm


    Haha my internet committed suicide RIGHT after I uploaded this so I couldn't put a description or anything ._.

    I really like this song so I wanted to make a fullversion UST, but the midi I used was only one minute something long, so some of the pitches and timing are done by ear. And I failed D:

    Anyway, doesn't Yuuta sound completely adorable singing this? I started it with Rion, but I realised it doesn't suit her personality at all so I finished it with Yuuta, who sounds nicer anyway~

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