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    Quickly Written Fanfic

    Yume Barauta

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    Quickly Written Fanfic Empty Quickly Written Fanfic

    Post by Yume Barauta Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:01 am

    Kind of a precursor to Smeen's video game marathon. Since it's basically introducing Yume and Yoshiya's video game tastes, for one thing, along with Yuugi, Neku and 911 being there. xD


    "So, yeah, Yuugi-kun, wanna come over to our dorm room? Bring Allie with you... Yeah, yeah, I'll ask her... Hey, I can't be held responsible if she refuses to come, but tell your 'mom' she is... Alright, see ya~!"
    Yoshiya shut his cell phone and turned to his teal-haired roommate, who was lounging on the bed on his side of the room, reading.
    "And you're doing what this time, Yoshiya?" Neku muttered. Yoshiya giggled and flopped on the bed next to the older boy, smirking. Said boy immediately dropped his book and scrambled over as far from the other as the wall allowed him. "Yoshiya, what did I tell you about personal space?! Get off of my bed!"
    "Yours is more comfortable that mine."
    "I'm not getting off~"
    Neku groaned and got off the bed, attempted to pull his roommate off, and when that didn't work, with another groan, picked him up and carried him over to his own bed and dropped him.
    "Ah! Why did you drop me? What an awful prince charming you are. You're supposed to delicately lay the princess down, not drop her like a bag of bricks!"
    "In what world are you a princess?"
    "Your imagination? You were carrying me bridal style, which is the main sign of prince-princess LUV."
    Neku sighed. Yoshiya was infuriating sometimes with his fanboy-ism. "Answer my question. What are you planning, inviting all your friends here?"
    "A slumber party or something like that. We'll play video games and stuff! Won't that be fun? I know you like video games."
    "...I do."
    "Then it's settled! You'll play with us too!"
    ...Neku really should have known the younger boy would have gotten him involved somehow.
    "I just have to call Yume. Ugh, Yuugi's 'mom's rule. She apparently doesn't trust the four of us alone."
    "And why is that...?"
    "I believe she said 'I don't want Yuugi and his crush alone with his friend and his friend's boyfriend.'"
    Yoshiya shot him a smirk that said 'She said it, not me'. And with that, he picked up his cellphone again and called Yume, argued with her for about five minutes, then hung up on the note that she was indeed coming, as long as she could use her brother's laptop.
    And five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Neku answered it and found Yume and Yuugi standing there, the latter with a blue haired boy who looked absolutely terrified half-clinging to him.
    "...Yoshiya, your friends are here."
    To be continued. =w=

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    Quickly Written Fanfic Empty Re: Quickly Written Fanfic

    Post by smeen Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:12 am

    LOL, I would totally do that yes... *eyes Yuugi*

    Yuugi: Hmpf. Always getting in the way.

    And Neku doesn't need any personal space if you ask me xD

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