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    Traslating nicovideo comments


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    Traslating nicovideo comments Empty Traslating nicovideo comments

    Post by irei1as Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:23 pm

    Not exactly an UTAU tutorial but I think it's kind of related.
    Excuse me if it's in the wrong place.

    Easy mode:

    Check your video url on nico.
    Copy the nicovideo id. It's something like "sm9838235" or "nm3611741".
    You just need that pair of letters followed with numbers.

    Now, paste that id after


    Using the examples you would get:


    In that sites you can just copy the comments and use them with the (online) trastalator of your choice.

    Late note:

    It can happen the video not having letters like

    The code is just those numbers. You get then:


    A random nicovideo video:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 01
    Let's try to traslate the selected comment.

    Press this button if you see it (if not, you already pressed it and you can ignore this and the next step):
    Traslating nicovideo comments 02

    Press はい("hai"=yes) in the pop up window that appears:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 03

    That makes your comment zone go to "advanced mode".

    Be sure you are in the "コメント" tab ("コメント"="comento"). Click on the comment you want to traslate to select it:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 04

    Press the NG*** button:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 05

    That takes you to another tab. I think it's the "not wanted" comments tab.
    There you can select the comment as text. And as a normal selected text, you can right click on it and copy:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 06

    With the copied text (kanji, hiragana, etc) you can go to an internet traslator/dictionary of your choice and do an automatic traslation.

    The traslation is normally quite poor... but I guess it's better than nothing:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 07
    Traslating nicovideo comments 08

    If you want to repeat the process to traslate another comment you must go to the "コメント" tab again and repeat.
    To go from the NG tab to "コメント" tab you have to press this arrow if you can't find the comments tab:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 09

    And click on the "コメント" tab:
    Traslating nicovideo comments 10

    Select the next comment, press NG button, select and copy the text of the text zone, etc...

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