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    UTAU Roleplay Rules

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    UTAU Roleplay Rules Empty UTAU Roleplay Rules

    Post by mystsaphyr Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:15 am

    Roleplay Rules

    Disobeying any of the below rules can get you a verbal warning. Repeated offenses will get you banned from the forum and/or chatbox.


    1. Remember the basic forum/CB rules!. The RP board is not exempt from them!

    2. No cybering. Figured I'd restate this.

    3. No godmodding. This means basically making your character perfect or invincible. So no Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, and no having you character dodge all the bullets and snap the shooter's neck in half without moving :/

    4. No powerplaying. No, your character cannot be in Kansas and magically poof to China because all the action is happening there. Find a plane ticket first.

    5. Follow the UTAU terms and conditions. These have been translated and posted on the UTAU Wikia .

    6. No taking over other people's characters. Roleplay is all about action-reaction. Dictating what another character does or says, even if you "TTLY KNEW THEY WERE GUNNA SAY/DO THAT" is just plain bad roleplaying.

    7. No killing off characters without their player's permission. Because things just get confusing and turn into a bad kindergarten cops-and-robbers game after that. NO I'M NOT DEAD! BUT I SHOT YOU! YOU MISSED! NO I DIDN'T!

    8. Follow board-specific rules. Some people make limited slots for RP, or other types of specific rules for their threads. Be courteous... follow them.


    Remember, don't be afraid to contact an admin or moderator if needed.

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