Hitori Kanane - Issho Urene


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    Status: Act 2 Betaing. Trying to make her Korean compatible.

    Hitori Kanane - Issho Urene Empty Hitori Kanane - Issho Urene

    Post by Skye on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:30 am

    Name: Hitori Kanane
    Voicer: Skye/Sora Medina
    UTAU Project/Group: UTAUr2
    WIP or Complete? Act 1 is complete, Act 2 is under editing right now.
    Age and/or Debut Date:16 but has the mind of a 13 year old.
    Height:N/A (Since I don't really think height matters.. she's a little shorter than Renzi and Hitoru, though.)
    Weight:N/A (Light. I'd say around 90-100 pounds, but I'm not too sure.)
    Character Item:Grapes/Grape Jam
    Relationships:She has a crush (Onesided?) On Renzi Soune. She's related to Hanashi/Helena Ayatsune and BUTLER, and is living with Hitoru under weird circumstances.

    Brief Physical Description:Hitori is at odds with her body, some times it would give out or collapse for no reason. No matter what happens, she doesn't tan nor grow taller. She is extremely pale.
    Personality: Hitori is a slight masochist, but not to the point of being emo. She's slightly frustrated at the things that she can't understand that Hanashi and Issho seem to be keeping from her. She's awkward and slightly clingy to Issho. Hitori fears the occult, and is paranoid about the dark. She's a romanticist. She's immature at times.
    Hitori is a 'doll', so to say, her true form is a skeleton with a butterfly mark at the front (forehead) area of the skull. She was made by 'the creator'; a doctor obsessing over the death of his daughter, and her main purpose was to wear 'Haruna's corpse and 'become' Haruna. However, Hitori ended up developing a personality of her own, and the creator became crazed to the point of madness in finding a way to bring his beloved daughter back to life. After a slip in one of his scoldings, Hitori finds out what she really is, and runs away from the house. There she meets Issho, who was coping with the death of his parents. She becomes some sort of friend to him, and she stays with him for a week. She eventually realizes that she can't run away forever, and returns to the house only to find the creator dead and his assistant, the first creation (Although a puppet rather than a living corpse) waiting for her. There is a third creation, the doll known as "BUTLER", which is of some importance but hasn't been revealed to Hitori yet. Hitori's 'body' would rot time after time and dissolve into butterflies without a serum that the creator had developed, and after his death there was no more. She was fairly certain that she was going to die, hoewever, but the body had yet to rot and she was left with the fairy tale feeling of 'a curse being lifted after the death of the villian.' This is far from the truth, though. Hitori now lives with Issho in an apartment complex.

    Voicebank Link: Act 1
    Wikia Entry Link: Here

    Voice Samples

    Character Art
    Act Two revision


    Name: Issho Urene/Hitoru Kanane
    Voicer: Skye/??????
    UTAU Project/Group: UTAUr2
    WIP or Complete?WIP/Complete c:
    Gender: Male
    Age and/or Debut Date: 16
    Character Item:Grape Wine
    Relationships:He adores Hitori, has an 'older lady' crush on Hanashi, and tends to crush on guys rather than girls. (Probably since the male UTAU world is mostly filled with bishounen..) though if he finds a girl that he really likes, he courts her like a gentleman. (He does that for guys too, but most of the time it's onesided).

    Brief Physical Description: Hitoru is pale, but not to the extent of Hitori. He has a purple streak in his hair.
    Personality:Hitoru is easy going and happy, and knows how to show people a good time. He usually buries his own feelings in favor of others, and is fiercely overprotective of Hitori.
    Issho was coping with the death of his parents when he met Hitori. He was the son of a popular actress and a corporate president, and most of his friends seemed to lose interest in him once he was no longer 'rich'. He offers Hitori to live with him once for a while, realizing his need for someone to be there for him. Hitori complies, but vanishes after a week. He meets her again and they begin living together as siblings, Hitori apologizing for leaving him. He changes his name to 'Hitoru' to feel more like real siblings. He realizes that Hitori isn't human, and that BUTLER has some sort of importance to that factor, but he is yet to put two and two together and grasp the whole situation.

    Voicebank Link: N/A. As for now, he shares a voicebank with Hitori.
    Wikia Entry Link: ^That

    Voice Samples N/A

    Character Art N/A so far that I'm willing to post on the internet.


    Not really sure where to put Issho. :/
    But since he's a genderbend until I find someone to voice him, I guess I'll stick him with Hitori. xD;;

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    Hitori Kanane - Issho Urene Empty Re: Hitori Kanane - Issho Urene

    Post by Rayshia on Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:29 pm

    So that's poor Hitori's story... I really like the whole deal with the feelings and "curse lifted" description. Very good job, Skye-senpai!

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