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    Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah Chorus


    Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah Chorus Empty Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah Chorus

    Post by Guest Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:31 am

    okay, everyone should be familiar with this meme here: it's the cute cat noise video that never ends.

    I need some recruits of people to do this with me.

    Video preview with Kazune Yoshi looking kind of hot:

    Download this pack and read the instructions inside please:
    mediafire.com ?zwzznlzmimn1mo4

    All I need from you is your UTAU's rendered voice sample of Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah. (ust is included in download)
    +3 frames of the dance. Simple right? (sample .sai file + 3 frames are included.)

    And please do not draw something that's made in 5 secs of MS paint. It will mess with the quality of the chorus. :'D (OTL, my art isn't great either, but let's live with my mess-up at 10pm @ night.)

    send the pack back to me either here or on my youtube channel, it's the best way to reach me. Thanks!

    Btw, I'm also the user who suggested UTAU danjo. It's almost finished FFFFF- I just need Ixeclon to hand over her voicebanks.

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    Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah Chorus Empty Re: Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah Chorus

    Post by KanashiiNoNeko Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:24 pm

    It looks so freakin awesome o.o
    *melts hearing yoshi's voice*

    oh, and i found a (super cute) Satan Zanda version on nnd, can you include that?

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