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    New UTAU - Kaze Midoriyama Empty New UTAU - Kaze Midoriyama

    Post by Stripe on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:16 pm

    Helloooooo OU! Haven't been here for a while because life has been hectic orz, but I have a work in progress to show people :3

    The main reason for posting this topic really is because I'm terrible with oto files and Kaze is... extremely choppy without one, so I was wondering whether I could enlist someone's help please? ;A; I've made a sample as an example of how her voice sounds~ ; ;

    and here's a little testy thing of her harmonising with Shima~ (pff, when she's finished..! /excitedface)

    Any and all opinions are welcome! :3

    Edit: aaah, almost forgot! Here's her voicebank if anyone's willing to help, thank you~! ; ; <3

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