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    my day in a nutshell Empty my day in a nutshell

    Post by zin on Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:28 am

    Ya, i just had a fight with my dad's wife (stepmom), i was fighting with her over cleaning up a clothing on the floor that i was going to clean up later when i was planing for my mom to bring me a basket so i can take the clothing. some stuff was said about my dads marriage to his wife, and she told me i was going to be a lowlife when i grow up, she cut me (with her fingernails) pretty bad deep, and kicked me out of the house (i just recently moved out before this to live with my mom i have lived with my dad and his wife from november 2009 to june 10th 2010)she also threatened to throw away my stuff that i have left in my room that i have been keeping there because there is no room at my moms place to put it.

    yet i'm still calm about i wasn't mad and i didn't say a single cus word outloud. this is the first rant i made about it o____o lol>

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