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    English VB tips~?


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    English VB tips~? Empty English VB tips~?

    Post by Kolya-kun Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:29 pm


    is it decent? :3 <EDIT> THOSE S's ARE MURDER, I'M SORRY ;A; i'll fix those ASAP!

    and for words ending in "ing", would i be able to just record "ing" or will utau not like that, because right now im using "n" and "g" seperately and it sounds kinda weeiirrddd...

    i also added some spanish sounds like n con tilde and the "er" endings (ex. leer), but she'll never be spanish-perfect because i am incapable of rolling my r's. sad face.

    and would i be completely insane if i attempted to make a russian-compatible reclist? ;o;

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