New UTAU: Yull Houne-- Needs Female Voice Donor! Please Look Inside For Details!


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    New UTAU: Yull Houne-- Needs Female Voice Donor! Please Look Inside For Details! Empty New UTAU: Yull Houne-- Needs Female Voice Donor! Please Look Inside For Details!

    Post by fukokun on Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:50 pm

    Hello, UTAU forums! I'm the creator of Fuko Zonbi, but I want to move on to another UTAU...

    Her name's Yull Houne (first name Yull, last name Houne). She has no voicer yet, but this is why I came to see you guys~ I hope someone can donate their voice! :D
    Here is some information, a picture will come soon.

    Name:Houne Yull, meaning Cannon Sound Yull.
    Voicer: Needs one
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14, looks 12
    Height: 4"7
    Weight: ???
    Character Item: "Portable Cannon", or a large, long cannon strapped to her back. It is a metallic grey color with a red stripe around the top and bottom. Near the bottom side is a black star and the numbers "02" in red paint.
    Relationships: None Yet
    Language Ability: Hopefully Japanese and English.
    Personality: She is not a timid child, although she is quiet. Yull prefers not to talk, but when she does, she talks in a cool yet loud voice. She is extremely clever and violent, and could be classified as a yangire.
    Backstory: She was born into a family of assasins, and once old enough to learn how to shoot a gun, she was brought along to a large training facility so she could learn how to be an assasin. She escaped from there because she was far from her friends, so she ran away with one of the other students to a spaceship. The student became her best friend and they now fly around in a futuristic jet-type thing and practice being assasins.

    Physical Description: A short girl with a black and red checkered skirt with a white, frilly underskirt. She has long black boots with red buttons and lining. She wears a red, cross-buttoned, sleeveless shirt with a large "evil villain-like" collar. Yull's hair is dark red. She wears it in down-hanging pigtails that reach her chin, but she has more hair behind the pigtails. They are held up with black ties, and she has a large ahoge that curls out to the left side of her head. It has a black bow on where it comes out from her head. Yull wears bandages around both arms. Yull also has a white gauze pad over her right eye, which is a strange blood red color. Her left eye is sky blue.

    Sorry for the info overload. Please consider being her voice donor! I will do the otos and aliases myself!


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