The world's largest donations four philanthropist


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    The world's largest donations four philanthropist Empty The world's largest donations four philanthropist

    Post by showstarlight on Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:54 pm

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the U.S coach outlet investor Warren Buffett co-sponsored the "donor commitment" action on the 4th announced that more than 40 billionaires or family commitments, will own more than half of his money to charity cause.

    According to "donor commitment" published a list of 40 billionaires, which is mainly self-made tycoon. In addition to Gates and Buffett, but also including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chinese bio-pharmaceutical tycoon Chen Songxiong couples "Star Wars" series of film director George Lucas and so on. In addition, the Rockefeller family patriarch David Rockefeller, the Hilton family and other large family heir Barron Hilton, and CNN founder Ted Turner also appears in the cheap coach bags list.

    In the history of human civilization,coach bags is not uncommon for wealthy charity. A century ago, the two main representatives of the United States zaibatsu Rockefeller and Carnegie had already donated the equivalent of the current 14 billion U.S. dollars for charity. Carnegie's famous quote, "died in the wealthy, is a disgrace," thought-provoking, especially rich in the United States, the enthusiasm has become a tradition of philanthropy. The rich have it, when the wealth accumulated to a certain extent, is itself only a number; if left entirely to their children, money was so many kids do not have to dry anything more is a disaster.

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