Pakistan: Floods not retreat, food emergency


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    Pakistan: Floods not retreat, food emergency Empty Pakistan: Floods not retreat, food emergency

    Post by showstarlight on Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:56 pm

    80 years in northwest Pakistan was hit once in the flood, people, property losses. 4 ed hardy clothing , United Nations aid agencies warned that flood-induced food crisis is threatening the victims.
    Lack of food

    United Nations World Food Program spokesman Amjad Jamal said the organization's staff are rushed to the food supply was cut off by flooding in northwest Pakistan.

    He said the WFP staff members stationed in the disaster area on the 4th evening to report the situation of disaster food emergency. "We have the Government of Pakistan had requested and received six helicopters, food supply disruptions to the region intend to drop food with ed hardy bags ," Jamal told Reuters by telephone, "You can imagine 56 days of flooding caused serious damage in those areas People lost their food reserves. the market is not open, shops were destroyed. It is absolutely the most in need of food. "

    "We need access to those traffic disruption over the past week with the outside areas, to provide life-saving food to the victims."

    Pakistan floods have caused 320 million people were affected,ed hardy shoes at least 1,500 people were killed. Even worse is that heavy rain the next few days does not seem to "corpuscles."

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