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    How to make a UTAU of the diffrent gender. :)


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    How to make a UTAU  of the diffrent gender. :)  Empty How to make a UTAU of the diffrent gender. :)

    Post by Alittleedgex Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:53 am

    Okay so I have two main UTAU and one is male and one is female. I struggled with making my voice deep enough to pull off a male UTAU and now being able to do so I thought I would give some tips to people trying to make a UTAU of a different gender. :D

    1. Do not try to sound over masculine or feminine. When making Tyroid I killed my throat trying to make my voice super deep. Unless you are very talented with your voice this will only upset you.

    2. If you are finding it hard to keep a even tone, try something else. It would take me a bunch of tries to get one good voice on Tyroid. It wasn't worth the trouble trust me. If you still can't then go with your normal voice. Trust me you can change this.

    3. If you are using Audacity to record the Pitch effect is your best friend. You can't trust it completely but it helps a lot! Especially if you are using your normal voice!!

    4. The voice does not have to be spot on. UTAU edits the voice enough to ware trying to get your voice to sound male enough or female enough isn't worth it. Infact when making Tyroid I almost had a heart attack seeing how much higher his voice was on UTAU.

    5. Do not pre-image your UTAU. This goes more into making a UTAU yet it is true. Never have this perfect image in your head, because then you will strain yourself to make a perfect voice. Make the appearance for the voice. :D Trust me.. it will save you agony.

    I might add some more tips in, but these are the basic ones I wanted to tell yall. ;///; I hope this helped somebody!!

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