Arctic occur split the event the largest glacier


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    Arctic occur split the event the largest glacier Empty Arctic occur split the event the largest glacier

    Post by showstarlight on Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:11 am

    University of Delaware, United States coach outlet associate professor of oceanography and engineering, said Andreas Muenchow 6, using NASA satellite data, he found that the existing two major glaciers in Greenland's Petermann glaciers on the 5th of a split area of about 260 square kilometers of the giant floating Iceland. This is the last 50 years the Arctic's largest ice split event occurs.

    It Munchau introduced a new division in Iceland about the size of four floating island of Manhattan, the thickness of about 160 meters, equivalent to half the height of the Empire State Building, it will enter between Greenland and Canada cheap coach bags nares strait.

    Munchau that in the past in 2078, located in the northwest Greenland glaciers growing Peterman, he was expected to split the ice, but I never thought of splitting up the ice so much. The last time the Arctic glaciers of this magnitude occurred was in 1962 split, when the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf to split up a huge floating Iceland.

    Petermann Glacier is located 81 degrees north latitude, 61 degrees west longitude in the vicinity, according to the North Pole about 1000 kilometers. NASA satellite images taken show on the 5th division events which occurred in glaciers Petermann Glacier lost about a quarter of the ice shelf. Munchau said, now we can not determine whether the incident split the glacier caused by global warming coach bags .

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