HP CEO to resign


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    HP CEO to resign Empty HP CEO to resign

    Post by showstarlight on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:53 pm

    Coach outlet report,the world's largest PC maker Hewlett-Packard United States issued a statement, said the chief executive (CEO) Mark Hurd resign.

    HP's business has developed rapidly in recent years, the high level of profitability, the biggest player in Hart's sudden departure to make Silicon Valley and Wall Street was quite a shock.

    Hurd previously alleged sexual harassment of a former Hewlett-Packard contractor, the investigation by the company. Survey results show that, Hurd contacts with the name of the contractor(Cheap coach bags ) does not violate HP's Guiding on the prevention of sexual harassment, but the violation of HP's business conduct Standard.

    Pull-out scandal allegations of sexual harassment claims.

    By the end of June this year, helped by a Hewlett-Packard marketing activities outside the organization of female lawyers sent a letter to the contractor through the HP board of directors, accusing the CEO Hurd, 53, had sexually harassed her. Board of Directors started an internal investigation immediately, and the conclusion that there is not enough evidence to support this allegation, but they found that Hart had provided false documents for reimbursement, in violation of Qi Ye guidelines.

    Coach bags reported that the woman contractor by the Hart himself in August 2007 appointment, he had also flew to Los Angeles and Denver, two interviews with her promotional activities worldwide cost estimates, such a thing to be rare, CEO personally. This female contractor in fall 2007 to fall 2009, nearly two years, HP has organized more than activities, she often appeared in the Hewlett-Packard in Asia, Europe and the United States of forums and meetings on-site, after the event is also often Hart alone with dinner.

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