U.S. first lady luxury holiday with friends in Spain


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    U.S. first lady luxury holiday with friends in Spain Empty U.S. first lady luxury holiday with friends in Spain

    Post by showstarlight on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:06 pm

    Ed hardy clothing report,U.S. First Lady Michelle and their 40 friends, the luxury holiday in Spain, has triggered a new wave of criticism. Every day of her vacation will allow U.S. taxpayers to pay £ 50,000 costs.

    Michelle is because the U.S. economy is still in a very difficult situation which has been under fierce criticism of extravagance. A blog and even accused her of is this group of modern version of the French king. If her critics noted that Spanish police had blocked one of Spain on the 6th to the beach for Michelle, her daughter and entourage swimming, then critics will feel even more angry.

    Spanish police(Ed hardy shoes ) on Bernard Manor Hotel side of the section of beach and clear the scene for Michael to enjoy. Michelle, her daughter and entourage before a one-day intensive sightseeing activities. Police and police use of palm trees with yellow plastic set aside for the U.S. tour, a private beach 100 yards, on both sides to stay as bystanders, the police occasionally stop and search those too close to the sun from the private beach person. It is not clear police expenditure is paid by the Spanish or the American taxpayers to pay.

    Michelle specific costs of travel is still not clear, 46-year-old Michelle and her friends will pay these costs. They will have 129 rooms in the manor hotel the reservation Padierna 60 rooms paid, the hotel's basic rate £ 380 per day, accommodation costs will be not less than £ 22,800. Michelle and her friends will pay for the meals.

    Ed hardy bags reported the details of Michelle and his entourage arrived in Spain the situation after the dinner that night. Tatar-style tour of the menu includes sea bass, strawberry gazpacho, sardines, main course is lobster. Dinner cost is £ 40 per person. This means that if 40 friends to eat the dinner, the total cost will reach £ 1,600. 5 night dinner costs will reach £ 8,000.

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