Oracle give up the OpenSolaris open source project


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    Oracle give up the OpenSolaris open source project Empty Oracle give up the OpenSolaris open source project

    Post by showstarlight on Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:41 pm

    According to Ed hardy clothing reports, Oracle has officially abandoned open source project OpenSolaris. Oracle will continue to open source Solaris, but the source code will be in every major release until after the open, which means that each version of the development would be closed.

    So far, the development of open source Solaris and Linux kernel or GNOME similar, Solaris source code will be continuously updated. However, this situation will not continue, Oracle has decided to close the development Solaris.

    OpenSolaris kernel(Ed hardy shoes ) developers Steven Stallion announced the Oracle engineers and related internal e-mail. E-mail said: "Solaris Enterprise System in the full release, we will be licensed to other open source CDDL license code released update. In this way, technological innovation will first appear in our release version. We will no longer real-time system, the Solaris source code. "

    Oracle this decision puzzling. Oracle had previously said, the lack of manpower, the company can not do all their development work. However, Oracle is now giving up the entire open source community. Oracle and Ed hardy bags may consider that, if open-source approach to development, then the competitors will be very easy to know what Oracle is doing

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