[Gekokujou] Art Request <3


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    [Gekokujou] Art Request <3 Empty [Gekokujou] Art Request <3

    Post by Yorunai on Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:52 pm

    I'm making my UTAUloid and her brother sing Gekokujou together. It's probably my favourite Vocaloid song ever and I really want the video to have good art when it's finished, the only problem is that I'm not a very good artist, and I don't have the time right now to draw my own picture/s.

    Could someone please draw me a picture to use in the video?
    The UTAUloids I'm using are Subarashiine Kurumi and Subarashiine Kira. I'd really like to have them dressed up in Gekokujou clothing T_T

    Please and thank you! <3 The person who does this for me will get many hugs and cookies. And, of course, they would be fully credited for the artwork in the video and video description =)

    P.S, their outfits are changing soon, as I've gotten tired of the re-coloured Vocaloid look. That's why I'd like to have them dressed in the same outfits as Rin and Len in the original Gekokujou video~

    Subarashiine Kurumi:

    [Gekokujou] Art Request <3 Kurumi___Box_Art___Original_HQ_by_Kikyuuki

    Subarashiine Kira:

    [Gekokujou] Art Request <3 Subarishiine_Kira___Remodel_by_HauHauOmichikairi

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