Odd problem with oto editor


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    Odd problem with oto editor Empty Odd problem with oto editor

    Post by Catgirl on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:46 pm

    Nevermind. I found the solution myself after looking at few other voicebanks.
    It was related to the fact there were spaces in the voicebank folder name. Removing spaces fixed it.

    ---old post---
    I did some clean up on my disk today, and I moved my voicebank into another folder.
    I reimported it into UTAU, the UTAU sings ok and all, but when I open "voicebank settings" and double-click on the otos it doesn't let me hear the wav preview anymore ._. It used to work before I moved it.
    I noticed this happens with some other voicebanks as well. Right now I have installed Camila Melodia and Neko Kanochi, the first has the same problem while the latter works.
    I searched a little but I couldn't come up with relevant results, and I have no idea about what's causing this confused
    It's not something of vital importance, since everything else works correctly, but it was a useful feature sometimes.

    Any clue?

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