Requesting art, please D:


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    Requesting art, please D: Empty Requesting art, please D:

    Post by Aline on Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:43 pm

    I never make request topics, but now... Yeah, you got it.

    I made Hachi and Iiki sing Matryoshka, but I don't want to make the art myself because I'm not exactly good at making cover arts. So, I'm requesting it.

    Here's the song itself:

    Basically, what I want is Hachi with vivid yellow haiir, black (or dark gray) hoodie coat, golden eyes with the crazy thingies from the original, and either Eiffel or Tokyo towers (there's not a lot of difference on the tip of each bun; Iiki would have a brown hoodie coat (wearing said hoodie on the hat) light gray skin (keeping with the grayscale skin theme), blue eyes with the crazy thingies of the original, and weak yellow hair; the rest is completely free to the creator (whatever city landscapes you want to put over them, makeup and pose).

    If the details I specified are too difficult, you can improvise, I don't mind.

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