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    Raaphaello Empty Raaphaello

    Post by Adrianchu Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:57 pm

    Name: Raaphaello
    Voicer: Adrian
    UTAU Project/Group: AILoids
    WIP or Complete? Complete for now
    Gender: Male
    Age and/or Debut Date: late 20's; Very FIRST 'debut' - April 17, 2010
    Weight:195 lbs
    Character Item:Radish
    Relationships: Possible lover/ familiar of Daatura 's, closely acquainted with Pikane Ai.

    Brief Physical Description:Dark skin, long black hair on the side/ front, short and spiked in the back. Very light green eyes that may be depicted as flashing relevant programming language, UTAU piano roll interface, or good old regular eye appearance. Green circuit-board inspired skin markings. Headphones with altered "on" symbol; each headphone has three rectilinear feathers that descend in size. He wears a circuit-board kilt that he uses to control his voice as he sings (explanation for gender flags and octave differences). Wears dark green leggings with large white boots.
    Personality: He is generally expressionless, rendering him neutral in any situation. He doesn't speak unless spoken to, and he's a man of few words, often times giving the impression that he's a cold individual. In fact, he is loving and kind and is always there when he's needed. Although he might... not... express... it...
    History/Backstory: He was the oracle of a cybernetic tribe but was expelled for questioning the gods. As a child, he was discouraged to feel any emotion so that it would be easy to utilize him for any situation like negotiation and channeling spirits. He now has no set of emotions so that you (the user) may do as you wish of him.

    Voicebank Link: Here!
    Wikia Entry Link: I don't know how to make one.. Sad

    Try making him sing in his native tongue of Spanish! o:

    Voice Samples

    Young voice (A.K.A. no flags)

    Byakkoya no Musume saaaample with Daatura
    Mature voice (G+20, octave lower. It's how I roll.)

    Character Art
    Raaphaello Loidsraalph

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