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    a song (because the title is too long)


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    a song (because the title is too long) Empty a song (because the title is too long)

    Post by smeen Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:58 am

    I wrote a song today. It's about two persons falling in love, but knowing they are too different to be together. Here it is:

    Brneath the waving cherry tree, true love falls apart

    Petals fall
    Sun is rising
    I see you standing underneath the cherry blossom
    You fill the gaping hole in my heart
    I never believed in love at the first sight
    Even now I’ve seen you
    There was no spark, no angels singing
    But without that I fell for you
    We are so different
    But we are so close
    Is our love made to fall?
    Our can we have our happy ending?
    Petals fall
    Sun is rising
    I see you carving our names in the tree
    Filling up the empty feeling I had
    Our differences are too big for love
    Even if we are all the same
    Although we didn’t believe in right or wrong
    We were slowly drifting apart
    You are from there
    I am from here
    We are both alike
    But singing is not enough to break out
    Petals fall
    Sun is rising
    You cry as we say goodbye for the last time
    My heart lies broken in front of you
    I wish I could understand you
    I wish I could be with you
    I wish they could understand us
    I wish we were as one
    I wish you were here with me
    Petals fall
    Sun is sinking
    I look at the place that was once sacred for us
    And desire to tear it down

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