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    Declare War on All VOC@LOID English-i-fied


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    Declare War on All VOC@LOID English-i-fied Empty Declare War on All VOC@LOID English-i-fied

    Post by vio. Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:16 pm

    ... Is this the right section .___. I was unsure I don't care though orz"" I JUST MANAGED TO SOMEWHAT TRANSLATE SENSEN xD;; Uuwaa.

    O'riiight, I first found some Chinese transcription of Sensen, which was actually accurate when turned into ggrks'd english. I cross compared it to the ggrks'd Japanese lyrics, and looked up Kanji and used my knowledge as best as I could to fix any weird spots.

    Now, there are places where parenthesis are used, which I'm assuming they couldn't fit that into the song, so they put it there to be like "HEY LOL IT'S THIS WORD" which made it REALLY difficult to me. xDD

    Alright, um, here's what I got 8D;; You can help me simplify the language into more fluid versions if you want to;; I'm just like YAY :'D I DID IT xD;;

    I wanted to know what was going on like everyone else .______.


    『Attention All VOC@LOID』
    Starting Today, I Change my Heroes
    『Those Who Disagree, Get Out in Front』
    Those Who Disagree, Get Out in Front.

    I'll use fear to ruin your Tyrannical Ways.

    『I Will Suddenly Announce』
    Today, I'll Rule the World.
    『Those Who Disagree, Get out in front』
    Those Who Disagree, Get out in front
    I'll use fear to ruin your Brutal Torture

    Light Falls from the World 0 to 1, Turning into Darkness
    I become the God to Rule this World
    This is the end of the Blue Sky Shining All over
    Yes! This is all to the Living Machines
    "Declaration of War"

    『All VOC @ LOID listen carefully. 』
    From now on, Your Songs are Useless
    『I lead the Existence of Machines (Sign)』
    I Especially Exist to Guide the World

    I'm More Suited to Lead the World Than Anyone Else!

    『Suddenly, There's Good News! 』
    Today, I'm the Center of the world
    『You, The Green, Are in Front 』
    You, The Green, Are in Front

    Physical Destruction or Deletion? It's your choice!

    Darkness and Despair is the Key to Eliminate White all over
    I became the God of Destruction and Creation of Time
    Restoration as the sea of red blood penetrates all
    Yes! This is to all the living machines!
    "Declaration of War"

    original JP lyrics just in case;;


    お前の恐れる もっとも残虐な方法で壊してやる


    お前の恐れる 最も残酷な拷問で壊してやる

    光が闇へと変わり 地に堕つこの 0/1 のセカイ
    空が群青に輝き 全てが終わる
    そうよ これは生ケル機械全てへの


    お前達を統べるものとして 誰よりもふさわしい


    データ消去か物理破壊か 選ばせてあげましょう

    闇は絶望となり 遍(あまね)く白を無くす鍵となる
    そうよ これは生ケル機械全てへの

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