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    Witch wood


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    Witch wood Empty Witch wood

    Post by ThePianoChan Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:35 pm

    :C I know I shouldn't of worked on this while I was sick but it was for Halloween and i started it a long time ago ORZ..

    Description from youtube:
    [just a note, TELEVISUAL COMBUSTION, Alone, and Witch Wood Connect with each other]

    I failed. Again. As usual. Early Halloween song. Uuhm...Happy Halloween I guess.
    Long ass intro.
    Yes, they are meant to be off with the actual singing part.

    Living alone in the Witch Wood,
    I spend my time weaving and weaving.

    Sometimes I really wonder,
    if I am really all alone in the Witch Wood.

    So I peer door and you are standing there,
    watching me.

    Should I be scared? Or should I be grateful
    that you are watching over me.

    Sometimes I think you just want to scare me,
    so while I stand here watching you watching me.

    Please take note that:

    I do not wish to be watched any longer.
    You are starting to scare me.

    Please walk away from the house;
    No, wait, stop! please!
    Do not come any closer!

    Now I am beginning to tremble and shake,
    I close my blinds and lock my door.

    And curl up under my bed,
    still approach footsteps.

    and panting I cannot take it any more,
    I let off a scream.

    And you let off a laugh,
    where have you gone?

    There is no one at the door,
    there is no one at the window.

    I am still alone in the witch wood.
    I lift my head and walk to the door with caution

    I open the door and there you are waiting
    for naive me to open the door for you

    you step in despite my protests
    and grab my hair

    "burn the witch" you scream
    into my ear then I sit up from this dream

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