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    Lololol Do I pass?

    산쇼씨 (Sansyo-ssi)
    산쇼씨 (Sansyo-ssi)

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    Lololol Do I pass? Empty Lololol Do I pass?

    Post by 산쇼씨 (Sansyo-ssi) Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:09 am


    Yes. This is MY voice. eve;; (for those of you who don't know,Imma guy fyi.)

    I was messing around, seeing how my obscenely high notes would sound in the latest version of utau. This time, it sounded a lot more girly than before. EVEd+ (I didn't even genderbend at all in that prev.;;Wink

    ...Should I continue recording like this and make a new utau? (I don't think this one would be related to Shou in any way btw)

    Lololol Do I pass? Empty Re: Lololol Do I pass?

    Post by Guest Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:33 am

    You pass, but I dunno if you ought to make an UTAU like this.
    Unless it's Fem!Shou, which for some reason I find appealing. /sickmind

    ...Make a Korean bank if you doooooo~

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