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    Post by Chasing Fireflies on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:58 pm

    Name: Scherzo Tsurugine (剣音シェルゾ)
    Voicer: Chasing Fireflies
    UTAU Project/Group: ...None? ^__^;;
    WIP or Complete? ACT1 complete~
    Gender: Male
    Age and/or Debut Date: 14 (physically), Debuted on March 28th, 2010
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 95 lb
    Character Item: Sword
    Relationships: Kazuko Yonagine- friend, "big sister"

    Brief Physical Description: He has shoulder-length white hair that he usually wears in a high ponytail, pale skin, and violet eyes. He's wearing some kind of a cross between a military uniform and a band outfit (it's hard to explain, but I guess you can look at his character art? -points down-)

    Personality: Scherzo just wants to be taken seriously. He is very, VERY focused, so much so that he doesn't really know how to loosen up. With him, most attempts at humor end in confusion, at least, and at worst, threats of violence. And he can get pretty violent, he's still trying to learn how to deal with emotions and can snap back into combat mode when he gets too upset. He's a perfectionist who expects nothing but the best from himself and others, and he isn't afraid to keep people in line. Because of this, and his slight trust issues, he has a very hard time making friends. He's actually kind of adorable/tsundere sometimes, in spite of himself, but NEVER call him cute.

    History/Backstory: Scherzo was created as a military android, but due to the limited usefulness of sword fighters and the questionable ethics of using such young-looking models, the line was discontinued, and there are few, if any, of his kind left. He was badly damaged in a fight and ended up in a scrap heap, where Kazuko found him. She took him home and fixed him up, and mysteriously, he started to gain sentience (Kazuko's still trying to figure out how it happened, exactly). He doesn't remember anything from when he was a military weapon, and honestly, he doesn't really want to.

    Voicebank Link: Here you have~
    Wikia Entry Link: ...Um, I really need to make a couple of those now, don't I? ^__^;;

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    Character Art
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