Okay so... Get this

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    Okay so... Get this Empty Okay so... Get this

    Post by 어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi) on Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:14 am

    Ill be on less.
    Im getting strep throat or it feels like it and given within the past 24 hours ive been exposed to it yea im screwed.
    I have a very low immune tolerance to Strep. So before the week is over Ill be horridly sick. Ill try to get on but i doubt jason will let me touch his computer if i have strep -.-
    I honestly hate the woman who brought her son to the bowling alley today she said he wasnt contagious but until the swelling goes down you are. I know this Ive had it 16+ times in the past year. so Yay this time i might get my tonsils out that would make me tremendously joyous XD
    Anyways I was just warning you before hand. Im not even sure this is the right area for this.

    I love you guys T_T
    Arissa singing out see ya!

    Yes i know im being paranoid about this but it has never failed me for me to get strep after coming in contact with even a non contagious carrier.
    and Maybe if im lucky my immune system can handle strep but Im playing it safe here ^^;;

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