Passionate squall UTAU version?


    Passionate squall UTAU version? Empty Passionate squall UTAU version?

    Post by Guest on Tue May 04, 2010 10:34 pm

    So, I'm covering this song with Vocaloids, and I was wondering if I should also port the vsq to make UTAU sing it. Who wants to do this?
    Be very careful. This is the Seikon no Qwaser ED, and it's known for very...fanservicey scenes (to put it extremely lightly) make sure you're okay with your UTAU temporarily taking on the role of one of these girls before you sign up.
    Oribe Mafuyu - Fighter,
    Yamanobe Tomo - A ditz, naïve, vulnerable, and very...well-stocked.
    Teresa Beria - A fighter nun (no powers) with a skill with knives. Has almost no emotions and is traumatically scarred
    Kurae Ekaterina (Katja) - A ten-year-old girl, seemingly innocent, but actually the Qwaser of Copper controlling a cyborg she calls "Mother" or "Anastasia", and is really cunning and devious. And likes to rape Hana and steal her soma.
    Katsuragi Hana - Girl with a fondness for lolicon. Likes pain. Likes being taken advantage of by Katja... other words, be careful.
    Need four females.
    Listen to the song, btw. The voice cast is awesome (which is the only reason I like this song)...

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