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    Offering UTAU Help


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    Offering UTAU Help Empty Offering UTAU Help

    Post by suthethird Fri May 07, 2010 6:55 pm


     Ahahaha- That was an introduction.
    Anyway. I've been using UTAU for over a year now. You probably all know who I am by now, anyway.

    Anyway- I'm feeling strangely and uncharacteristically nice and giving as of late. Therefore, I'm thinking "I'll help UTAU users get better and help make the UTAU world sound better!!"

    I prefer to tutor people over MSN, and I prefer if you try watching tutorials before asking for help.
    If I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your bank, I will configure it for you. If I love it and have to have it.
    It's rare for me to find a bank I love that much.

    I prefer VCV to CV, so I want the world to all try to use VCV :'D

    Anyway- if anyone wants to take me up on that offer, my MSN is maybe_mae@hotmail.com
    (Yeah, yeah, I never had a good cover to begin with.)

    I'll ask all questions you have here C:
    I might not reply quickly because I'm not notified of replies, since my email for this account is my old account that I just use for stuff like this.

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